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One of the men that i love most of all. 

Happy Birthday, Mark Gatiss.

We love you!

"After a slow start, this morning I discovered the secret of eternal life AND how to transmute base metal into gold. #win" [x]


And he claims it’s SHERLOCK who always wanted to be a pirate…

 Happy 47th Birthday, Mark Gatiss 

HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE! We love you, and your beautiful mind!



Very, very happy birthday to Mark Gatiss!


Happy  Birthday Mark Gatiss!


Happy Birthday Mark Gatiss

I don’t often do birthday tributes because, well, there are just too many to remember.
However Gatiss is a great hero of mine and I admire him greatly.

But also hate him a little bit too. Doing all the things I want to do. Hate him.

Lucky man.